Business Idea: Write Your Way to $10,000

Here’s a direct path to $10,000 monthly:

Create and sell your own information products.


Many people who are just starting out don’t even realize they have knowledge that other people would be willing and even eager to pay for – and chances are, there’s a book in you that could make you rich! Maybe:

  • You’ve lost a lot of weight and could teach others to do the same.
  • You know how to stretch the family budget.
  • You could teach others how to create and sell crafts.
  • You know how to get into graduate school.
  • You know how breed and raise poodles.
  • You know how to success in business.
  • Or, just maybe, you are like the clever author who created a “gag” book - with a well designed cover on which the title was: “What Men Know about Women”. And inside it was all “blank pages”. Get it? Well it has been selling since 2011.

The above list includes just seven ideas… but the sky is the limit!

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